Grotto bath in the mountain, Saunas, Steam baths, Hammam, Cold water basin

The spacious SPA was completely remodeled during the extensive renovation period in 2013 – 2014, now boasting a wonderful Thermal and wellness oasis.
The area is separated from the other Thermal baths and only accessible with the red armband. Relax and feel good. Children and teenagers under 16 years of age are denied access.

The Sauna area in the upper floor is a nude zone. In the saunas different infusions with various aromas are part of the daily program. You are well informed of these events at the guest centre, through announcements and on the info screen. The steam baths (ground floor) also change their infusions periodically. To cool down visit the Spa terrace…recharge your batteries with a plunge in the cold-water basin followed by a lounge in the deck chairs. This nude zone offers protected views of the garden terraces.

The famous Grotto bath embedded in the rock is a don’t miss highlight. Soak in the 40°-42° Celsius warm water and for the brave, follow up with a short dip in the adjacent cold-water Grotto.

You have to wear a bathing suit to enter into the grotto and the steam baths.

Open daily from 9:00 to 21:00 hrs

10 % group discount from 10 persons (reservation required)

Access to the SPA area is allowed from 16 years old

Steam bath and grotto

On the ground floor one is offered three steam baths, each one set at a different temperature and with a different aroma. You will find the current aromas listed beside each steam bath. Afterwards we recommend a refreshing “adventure” shower to cleanse and invigorate. Every day at 14:00 and 18:00 hrs one is offered either a Sugar or a Salt Peeling with various aromas (program).

The famous Grotto bath embedded in the rock is a don’t miss highlight. Soak in the 40°-42° Celsius warm water.

Sauna and Kneipp

The “Kneipp” area is situated next to the saunas in the classic system of the famous hydrotherapeutic specialist, Sebastian Kneipp (changing water temperatures between 18° and 40° degrees Celsius). This offers the opportunity to round the waters, alternating between hot and cold.

Infusion and peeling

It’s finally starting again!

On Monday, 14.12.2020 we will start again with our infusion and peeling programme in the spa area.

Due to the current COVID situation, we will be carrying out our infusions again “without waving”.
However, our lifeguards will work with ice balls and water.

NEW: there will be 15 infusions and peelings daily. From 17:00 to 20:00 clock even every 30 minutes.

As before, the safety measures and a limited number of participants in the saunas and steam baths apply.

We wish you a relaxing stay in Brigerbad !