Sauna and hammam

Sauna area

The Sauna area in the upper storey is a nude zone. You will find a Wood-, Bio- and Salt stone sauna.

Steam baths

On the ground floor one is offered three steam baths, each one set at a different temperature and with a different aroma. You will find the current aromas listed beside each steam bath. Afterwards we recommend a refreshing “adventure” shower to cleanse and invigorate.

Grotto bath

Grotto bath

The famous Grotto bath embedded in the rock is a don’t miss highlight. Soak in the 40°-42° Celsius warm water.

Cold-water Grotto

Cold-water Grotto

The brave can follow up their bath in the hot-water Grotto with a short dip in the adjacent cold-water Grotto.

The tradition of the sauna dates back to the necessity of a thorough cleansing of the body. Steam baths are common in the culture of Islam where they are also called “Hammam” or Turkish baths.

Saunas and steam baths have a positive effect on the vegetative nervous system and general well-being. They strengthen the immune system, which is especially important during the winter months for the prevention of colds and similar illnesses.

We don’t provide towels! You can bring your own.