Unique Thermal and Wellness oasis

The unique Thermal and Wellness oasis in Brigerbad looks back on a long history.The hot springs of the Brigerbad were already well known dating back to Roman times. Under the management of the couple, Cécile and Hans Kalbermatten, the Thermal bath developed continuously, from the fifties of the last century into a modern Thermal site in the middle of the sun-drenched valley of the Rhone.

Thermal outdoor pools

In the summer Brigerbad, with a water area of 2600m2, belongs to the biggest “open-air” Thermal baths of Switzerland. It offers a fantastic panoramic view of the Valaise and Bernese Alps. What is better than to relax in the warm Thermal water and let your eyes roam the impressive mountain scenery?

Thermal indoor pools

The warm springs, between 21 and 50 degrees Celsius, deliver Lithium rich, Natrium-Calcium-Sulphate water. This is especially effective for alleviating ailments such as Arthritis and Rheumatism.