Layout of the Thermal Baths

The layout of the Thermal baths consists of 12 different pools, both inside and outside, which distinguish themselves in size and temperature. The entire facility is wheelchair friendly and accessible to disabled people. In the three-floor complex one finds the Thermal baths and the indoor pool situated at the entrance level. Located on the same level are the well-groomed gardens, which invite you to linger and relax on their sun-drenched terraces. Situated on the first floor are the Beauty and Wellness areas as well as the Bistro Cristal. The Spa area extends over both the ground and first floor. The basement level is home to Fitness, Course rooms and Changing rooms for the schools.

The complete arena is accessible through an entrance system using colour-coded armbands. The purchase of the green armband “Sport” allows one entrance into the Indoor pool and Fitness room. With the blue armband “Therme” you are allowed to enjoy both the Thermal baths as well as the Indoor pool. Lastly, the red armband “Spa” allows you entrance into the Spa area and the Grotto bath, in addition to all Thermal baths.


Indoor Pool

Temperature: 26° - 28°C

Area: 400m²


Warm-water Cave Pool

Hammam, Sauna and Kneipp Ways

Temperature: 40° - 41°C

Area: 82m²


Water Slide

Temperature: 23° - 26°C

Area: 57m²

closed in winter


Children’s Paddle Pool

Temperature: 26° - 28°C

Area: 83m²

closed in winter


Children’s Spa Pool (inside)

Temperature: 34° - 35°C

Area: 125m²


Spa Pool (inside)

Temperature: 34° - 35°C

Area: 125m²


Spa Pool (outside)

Temperature: 34° - 35°C

Area: 363m²


Sport Pool

Temperature: 28° - 30°C

Area: 210m²


Cold-water Pool (outside)

Temperature: 18° - 20°C

Area: 17,5m²

closed in winter


River Pool

Temperature: 26° - 28°C

Area: 397m²

closed in winter


Olympia Pool

Temperature: 23°-26°C

Area: 727.5m²

closed in winter


Cold-water Cave Pool

Temperature: 18° - 20°C

Area: 8,6m²