The Thermal springs in Brigerbad

The thermal source in Brigerbad provides a Natrium-Calcium-Sulphate water rich of Lithium. Every second 50 litres pour out, with temperatures between 21 and 50 degrees Celsius.


The physical properties of the water are such that they give a boost to the human body, decreasing its weight considerably, and therefore reducing the load on the joints to an optimal measure. After injuries or operations on the joints and tendons, it is therefore possible to practise normal physical mobility early on and recall the coordinative abilities. Arms and shoulders can bear weight without the help of crutches and the normal walking ability can be trained. The high viscosity of the water contributes to an improved efficiency of power and endurance training.

It goes without say that all this warm water is not just more comfortable but also efficient. Warmth enhances the flexibility and suppleness of the connective tissue, shortened structures like muscles or tense ligaments and retreated capsules, like one is able to observe in arthrosis, become suppler and can therefore be treated more easily.

1. Impact of Warmth:Increased temperature of up to 38 degrees, in short spells also up to 42-44 degrees, activates the metabolism of the peripheral dilation of blood vessels, i.e. in arms and legs. The circulatory system of the heart experiences an increased activation which is especially important in recovery from heart disease. The heart disease patient needs competent medical consultation. This does not mean that he/she has to do without the positive effects of the warm thermal waters, but has to observe the duration of stay individually.

2. Chemical effect: The thermal waters of Brigerbad contain a high concentration of sodium-calciumsulfate and lithium. The metabolism of the skin, which is not a dense membrane, is especially efficient in warm water because of the aforementioned dilation of the blood vessels. Many patients are confirming that this metabolism has a great healing effect on inflammatory, degenerative rheumatism and also on neurological illnesses.


In co-operation with Dr. med. Dionys Glenz, Doctor for sports medicine and specialist for physical medicine FMH, the indications are especially conducive for the following persons:

1. All patients who are suffering from degenerative illnesses affecting the mobility of the body like eg. arthrosis of the knee, hip and shoulder, back-pain in connection with wear as well as back-pain of the sciatic nerve by sufferers of intervertebral disc problems.

2. Patients with inflammatory-rheumatic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, Morbus Bechterew or other inflammatory-rheumatic illnesses. These patients have to be consulted individually beforehand by a family physician, a rheumatologist, or by the local medical doctor.

3. Patients with different neurological illnesses which cause tension can benefit from the warmth and moving buoyancy of the thermal water. Again it is beneficial to consult a neurologist beforehand.

4. All patients with injuries of the moveable parts of the body, or after operations where use of the full body weight is not allowed. To improve flexibility after the removal of stitches if the condition of the wound allows it, i.e. if the wound has healed completely and the skin condition is optimal.

5. Patients with chronic conditions such as bronchial and asthmatic disease or chronic –obstructive pneumopathy profit from the humid and warm conditions of the bath in the ‘grotto’.

6. Patients with heart- and circulatory disease, where the cardiovascular system is activated by the aforementioned mechanisms. An individually tailored recovery program can improve and stabilize the heart-circulatory system.

7. For the prevention of disease of all persons by a protective training of the joints and the physical exercise in the water.

(Dr. med. D. Glenz, Physikalische Medizin FMH)